The Visual Art Network (VAN) Public Projects program is an inititiative to connect artists with funded public art opportunities sponsored by chambers of commerce, government agencies and other types of entities with funds available for public art. VAN provides over a decade of experience working with artists, curators, museums, and government agencies. In addition, partnership with VAN offers access to an active art email announcement service, with over 40,000 current active subscribers, and engaged social media platforms in excess of an additional 30,000 subscribers. Our program proposals draw from in-depth research into a variety of the most successful city agency public art programs across the nation, including NYCGo, SFDOT and others. Artists benefit from connecting through a single source for productively channeled budget initiatives, and the paid opportunities those provide. Please select an opportunity from the list below and click the link for more information about that opportunity, and to apply.


Apartment People Building Mural - Deadline Oct. 15, 2014


Musicians & Performance Artists - Lakeview East Festival of the Arts - Applications Now Closed, Please Click Here for Winners!


Are you with a Chamber of Commerce or other government agency interested in working with the VAN Public Projects program? Please click the image below to download our informational brochure and then drop us a line at